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Canndigenous Downtempo Gummies

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Downtempo Mixed Berry Melatonin Gummies

12.5mg Delta-8 THC + 12.5mg CBD + 3mg Melatonin + 50mg L-Theanine + 25mg Passion Flower

Make these gummies an essential part of your bedtime routine. Perfect for beginners and cannabis users looking to ease into the benefits of THC, the 1:1 combination of Delta-8 THC to Full Spectrum CBD with 12.5mg each per gummy, infused with 50mg L-Theanine and 25mg Passion Flower and 3mg of Melatonin provides an approachable mellowing nighttime sensation, so you can rest well.

Our gummies are 100% vegan with natural colors and flavors. 20 Mixed Berry flavored gummies per pouch.

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