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You Guys Wanna get High?

Welcome to Ripley Green!  Our shop has a large selection of ∆9 THC products and because it's hemp-derived it's 100% Legal.   Yes, even here in Wisconsin!


You don't have to drive to Illinois (or Michigan...or Minnesota now too.  Jeez, Wisco get it together) to get the products you rely on for relief and relaxation. We have it right here, just for you.

 Hemp-derived  ∆9 THC is the same cannabinoid that you get from the uh, standard marijuana plant, it's just extracted from cannabis plants that are grown legally as hemp.  You get the same high without the travel, without crazy taxes,  AND we'll ship it right to your door (discretely, like little ninjas.  Landlords and neighbors won't even know). How easy is that?

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Looking for something else?

Ripley Green also carries a wide selection of CBD products.  If you are looking for other solutions to stress, anxiety, and pain without the intoxicating effects of THC please take a look at the rest of our store.

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